TOUT Petit Chef on the 19th December 2023

Praline TOUT Petit Chef on the 19th December 2023

This class is reserve for children from 4 to 6 years old and they will learn our recipe  of Ginger Bread!

Looking for a new activity for your children? Learning French and French cuisine while having fun?

Our 1.5 hour lesson allow your child to give free rein to his creativity in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. A fun and delicious activity to awaken them to new flavors! It is by having the impression of cooking like the grown-ups that your Petit Chef will prepare and devour creative and flavorful recipes. They will also learn something new about France at every lesson, mixing fun and learning skills at the same time.

Each lesson, your Petit Chef will go home with the recipe of today’s lesson, his yummy dessert, and the French lesson of the day that they can keep practicing at home.

 From 4pm to 5.30pm / $55 per children.

Contact us at or 04 31 714 505 for more information !