Couple PicNic Box

Couple PicNic Box!

Fancy a romantic picnic watching the sunset by one of our Perth's beautiful beach?

We have created the Perfect Couple PicNic Box with a mix of our delicious savoury and sweet options. Quiches, Croissants, French Baguette, a bit of sweet with Cake, Pastries and Macarons.

Make your own Box and select your toppings. You can choose your baguette (we will cut it in half), up to 2 different quiches and your savoury croissants. You can also choose your cake from our amazing selection of homemade cakes.

    We kindly request for the order to be placed at least 24h in advance.

    Box will be ready for Pick Up from 9am until 3pm. We do not send a text for pick up, simply come when you are ready! :)

    If you wish to make a change to your pick up, contact us at